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Only effective “on-the-spot organisation” can ensure your “Holiday House” is run properly and efficiently.

The salient features of a stay there must be careful preparation of the property, a warm welcome for guests and willingness to listen to their requirements during the time they spend there.

Careful attention to the property, furnishings and accessory features guarantee that owners can be sure their Holiday House is in the best of hands.

On request* your accommodation facility will be continually checked out by expert staff, especially during your absence.

At the beginning of the season, Feeling Italy's standard procedures will ensure that:

  • The property is fully functional.
  • The furnishings and accessories are in perfect condition.
  • The property is scrupulously clean.

For every stay booked, Feeling Italy will take care of:

  • Welcoming clients.
  • Informing the competent bodies of guests' details, within the terms set down by the regulations currently in forcecollecting the deposit before the stay begins.
  • Collecting any extra payments due (telephone costs, bedlinen and towels, heating) at the end of the stay.
  • Should any problems, such as malfunctioning of any kind, arise during the stay, Feeling Italy will ensure they are promptly resolved, in order to avoid any inconvenience to clients and the likelihood of their presenting complaints or claims.

Between one stay and the next, Feeling Italy will take care of:

  • Any repair work or replacements necessary.
  • Ensuring the property is carefully cleaned.
  • Checking the furniture and accessories.
  • Preparing the property to ensure a perfect welcome for the next guest.

At the end of a stay, Feeling Italy will take care of :

  • Disconnecting the electricity, gas and water supply.
  • Closing balconies, windows and doors to the property.

* The direct management of your Holiday Home by Feeling Italy is an additional, optional service which may be provided where there is a Branch located close to the accommodation facility.